Uriah Heep / Ken Hensley

The underrated genius of Ken Hensley & Uriah Heep

October 2010

Having sold over 30 million LP’s, Uriah Heep are part of classic rock folklore

Songwriter Ken Hensley was a key part of ‘Heep’s success having penned the hits such as Lady In Black, The Wizard & Easy Livin’.

His solo work has been critically acclaimed and he continues to be a prolific writer.

Hensley now resides in Spain where he and his partner Monica run a shelter for abandoned animals.

Ken took sometime off during his busy schedule to talk about his experiences with Uriah Heep, continuing work with the band Live Fire and life on the farm in Spain.

These series of interviews are not to be missed with Ken providing a fascinating insight into one of rock’s most underrated bands and songwriter.

Ken Hensley Interview Part 2